Month: January 2017

Alfredo Molero – Support

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Alfredo Molero - Support

Alfredo Molero is passionate about computer problem solving.

He was born in Margarita Island, Venezuela, the “pearl of the Caribbean”. His first computer was an IBM-Compatible PC with an 8080 processor and he got very excited when at 13 years of age, he was able to run “Word Star” and “Lotus 1-2-3” on it.

After graduating with a Computer Engineering degree he joined the Oil Industry as member of a national technical team where he started to learn the processes and qualities of a world-class support organization.

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How WELS Supports Cross-Sector Collaboration

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WELS supports Cross System Collaboration

Young children develop in the context of their families, other caregivers, and communities.  To promote healthy growth and development from birth to school age, successful early care and education programs must address the diverse needs of children, families, and communities. This typically requires partnership across multiple service systems, especially to meet the needs of children who face risks to their development. Effective collaboration draws on the strengths of partnering programs in the community to promote a seamless system of high quality early care and education services for children birth to age 5, linkages to necessary health and social services, and partnerships with families. New alliances always require relationship building. Often potential partners have to be willing to move out of their comfort zones to come to agreement.

Cross System Collaboration: A Fresh Look at Working Together

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