Staff Spotlight

Alfredo Molero – Support

Alfredo Molero - Support

Alfredo Molero is passionate about computer problem solving.

He was born in Margarita Island, Venezuela, the “pearl of the Caribbean”. His first computer was an IBM-Compatible PC with an 8080 processor and he got very excited when at 13 years of age, he was able to run “Word Star” and “Lotus 1-2-3” on it.

After graduating with a Computer Engineering degree he joined the Oil Industry as member of a national technical team where he started to learn the processes and qualities of a world-class support organization.

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Staff Spotlight

Heidy Valdes – Chief Experience Officer


Heidy Valdes - Chief Experience Officer

Heidy Valdes is passionate about the software experience.

She was born in Havana Cuba. At the age of 11, she moved to Canada with her father. She didn’t speak the language, but quickly found ways to communicate with friends and teachers. As for the cold weather:  she never learned to love it, but did manage to survive it for 19 years, and even enjoyed it at times.  Three years ago, Heidy moved to Miami – closer to the culture and climate than Canada! – and enjoying getting back to her roots.

Heidy loves all animals. Her biggest joy is her dog Soda, adopted from an Animal Rescue Organization in Canada.  She contributes to helping animals by volunteering at a local animal shelter, and by helping raise money for organizations helping animals in need. She took a personal pledge to not visit zoos, aquariums or circus that keep animals for profit.

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Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Ana Sejeck

Ana Sejeck has recently joined the WELS Systems Foundation as its COO. Ana Sejeck
is going to focus on the administrative side of the WELS Systems Foundation. She
will also support both the marketing and sales aspects for our future prospects.

Previously, she was the COO of The Early Childhood Initiative Foundation for over
13 years. The foundation’s work focuses on providing parents and caregivers with
information and supports so children are ready for first grade. In that position,
Ana was the program director for the Kellogg Foundation-funded program SPARK – a
longitudinal study of 1,600 children and their families being followed from age
3 to second grade. She led the Ready Schools Miami work which involved multiple
community partners and the work of improving quality throughout Miami-Dade County
in early care and education centers and elementary schools. Both projects focused
on improving child outcomes.

She also brings her experience from working on Wall Street for both PaineWebber
and Smith Barney, as well as Knight Ridder and The Miami Herald. She is a trustee
of the board for United Way of Miami-Dade.

She lives in Miami with her husband David, a high school English teacher. She is
the mother of 5 children and has four magnificent and brilliant grandchildren.