Attending the BUILD conference, July 31 – Aug 2?

If you are, and would like to learn more about WELS and see it in action, we will be attending and would be happy to provide a demo of WELS and the Provider Portal. Please contact Ana Sejeck, our COO at 305.495.9292 or email her at to set up a time for us to meet with you.

Tech News

Seamless Intergration with other QRIS Data Providers

WELS delivers single sign-on technologies for its QRIS Portal. One of the challenges
of inter-connected web apps is the number of user names and passwords providers
need to remember. We are working on a set of standards to allow seamless integration
with other websites needed during the QRIS self-assessment process.

We have developed an open interface for authentication that support passing our
secured credentials to other websites like registries and assessment data collectors.
In this interface, a user simply clicks on a link and WELS sends them to the other
website using a secure protocol.  The linked website accepts WELS’ credentials for
the user and grants access accordingly.

This simplifies the providers’ online experience when applying for QRIS or submitting
self-assessments through the WELS Provider and Parent Portal.

And our method works across homogenous Web platforms. We can work with Windows,
Linux, Apple, Oracle, and IBM application servers.  By using open standards, our
solution is very easy to implement by other vendors and proprietary systems.

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