Partner Spotlight

Early Years Network, Mississippi

Getting Better at Getting Better with Technical Assistance

The Early Years Network supports high quality early care and education experiences for Mississippi’s children. As a one-stop shop, the network provides cohesive education, outreach, and services based on scientific research, established best practices, and practical, hands-on approaches across the state. To support the EYN’s one-stop shop model, WELS has become the centralized data system for all partners. An integral feature that provides partners a tool that enables a documentation method for their support efforts by areas of service and ability to identify primary and secondary activities, is the Activity Log. This feature permits the EYN staff access to the following tools: staff contact logs, notes on action plans, descriptions of upcoming visit plans, plan development for working with multiple sites, on-site training information, and the ability to run and review reports. Early Years Network Associate Director, Lydia Bethay, states “This level of involvement and capabilities for the sharing of information will make it so much easier for staff to access data, but also will be a great timesaver knowing that the information entered is already correct and ready to use instantly”

Activity dosage can be recorded for the multiple sites over time for each support activity. A site activity log provides information on all site support efforts offered by an agency. Individual TA Staff reports provide days/dosage of visits, activities, plans and notes. Early Years Network Director, Dr. Louise E. Davis, explains that she is “Excited about the level of accountability that this system brings to the Network. Not only will data access be allowed instantaneously, it will allow us to see the number of individuals that we are serving daily in multiple areas”
The Early Years Network is a program housed within the MSU Extension Service and funded by the Mississippi Department of Human Services, Division of Early Childhood Care and Development to provide early care and education programs and materials for teachers, directors, children and families to improve the well-being of Mississippi’s children. The EYN works with the following partners: Dr. Maxine Harper Center for Educational Research and Evaluation at University of Mississippi, Early Childhood Institute at Mississippi State University, and Institute for Disability Studies at University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi Center for Education Innovation, Quality Stars, and Save the Children.
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