Staff Spotlight

Heidy Valdes – Chief Experience Officer


Heidy Valdes - Chief Experience Officer

Heidy Valdes is passionate about the software experience.

She was born in Havana Cuba. At the age of 11, she moved to Canada with her father. She didn’t speak the language, but quickly found ways to communicate with friends and teachers. As for the cold weather:  she never learned to love it, but did manage to survive it for 19 years, and even enjoyed it at times.  Three years ago, Heidy moved to Miami – closer to the culture and climate than Canada! – and enjoying getting back to her roots.

Heidy loves all animals. Her biggest joy is her dog Soda, adopted from an Animal Rescue Organization in Canada.  She contributes to helping animals by volunteering at a local animal shelter, and by helping raise money for organizations helping animals in need. She took a personal pledge to not visit zoos, aquariums or circus that keep animals for profit.

Flowers are anther one of her passions. She has an orchid collection and enjoys making flower arrangements for fun (and blogs about it).

Heidy graduated with a Computer Science Degree from the University of Alberta and has been working in the Programming Industry for more than nine years. She has always been passionate about the user experience and providing top quality software.

Heidy was first introduced to software, system and usability testing as an intern. She excelled in finding bugs no one else would encounter. This led to a path as a quality assurance tester, and then into Usability Experience Design,  and finally into Project Management.

At WELS, Heidy meets weekly with clients to review support issues and to plan new deliverables.  She also manages new projects and our team of developers, keeping track of assignments, and reprioritizing them based on need.
As User Experience Designer, Heidy creates user stories and wireframes for any deliverable, always thinking of the end user and how can she can make their experiences intuitive and efficient.  Success is measured by achieving the fewest numbers of user errors and support calls – and Heidy especially loves to hear the client say, “oh that was so easy to use”, and “it is so useful to have that new feature”.


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